Q: How do I go about creating a petition to present to City Hall?

A: Council has no set rules for petitions, but it is always good to include the addresses of signatories if at all possible. You can submit the petition to the City Clerks department through 311 at 311@winnipeg.ca or calling 311 for more info. You can contact your City Councillor directly for assistance.

Q: I disagree with the direction in which council is going on the issue of ­­­­_______. What can I do to make my voice heard?

A: You can phone, fax or e-mail city councillors and the mayor to let them know your opinion. Contact info is at: www.winnipeg.ca/council/default.stm. Letters to the editor of the Free Press, Winnipeg Sun and Canstar Communications (Lance, Metro) are very effective. If you wish to speak to an issue in person at a council committee meeting, contact 311 or Jenny’s office at 986 5878 for details.

Q: I have a parking ticket I think is incorrect. Can you do anything about it?

A: You may contact the Winnipeg Parking Authority through 311 or online at www.winnipeg.ca and request a review of your ticket. If you still wish to challenge the ticket you must go in person with your ticket to the Magistrate’s Court at 373 Broadway Ave.

Q: When is the next general civic election?

A: October, 2018.

Q: I live at ________. Are you my Councillor?

A: You can go to the city website at www.winnipeg.ca to find out which ward you live in. Go to the features section at the bottom of the front page and click on E_CIS (which stands for E-Citizen Information Service). Just type in your address to find out which ward you are in.

Q: Who at the city do I contact for ­­­_______?

A: The city has implemented a 311 system for all city information. For all inquiries contact 311 by phone or 311@winnipeg.ca by email. You can still call 986 6222 for police non-emergency calls and 911 for emergencies. You can always call your City Councillor directly if you have any policy issues or to followup on any concerns about city services.