NEW CITY PLAN LAUNCHED AT SUSTAINABILITY SYMPOSIUM (and some HAIKU) The review of our city plan, Plan Winnipeg 2020 is officially underway. The new 25 year plan will be called "Our Winnipeg". I would encourage everyone to make their voices heard and participate in whatever way you can. We are at a moment in time where our city could change course and I believe it is essential for our future that we come up with a plan that is truly environmental, socially and economically sustainable. It is a long term plan so it will live on long after the current Mayor and Council. The website is at: and will be an interactive forum. You can read and respond to reports related to the plan, find out about public events, and have opportunities to post your opinions and even a videotaped message. There will be a number of other public events and opportunities to participate. This weekend, at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, about 200 people spent all day Saturday talking about what we need to do to create a sustainable city. It was surprising how consistent the themes that came out were and how the group spoke almost with one voice. The loudest message was: shift the priority to invest in active transportation and public transit as opposed to continued expansion of infrastructure for the single occupant automobile, stop creating developments that are low density and car-dependant and make our city livable, walkable and accessible to all people. For the first exercise, each participant had 30 seconds to describe their vision. With such a short time available, I decided make my presentation in the Japanese form of poetry known as HAIKU. Here is my presentation for your enjoyment (I hope) SIX HAIKU: A VISION By Jenny Gerbasi It doesn't pay to build freeways for big box stores. Rapid Transit waits. **** A plan to create a dream of a green City for twenty five years ***** Downtown awakens cycling paths through infill lots living and working ***** Trees and gardens spread in a canopy of green circulating air ***** A violin plays as the common space becomes a place of beauty. ***** New housing growing our inner core comes alive with children laughing Thank you for your interest in Civic Issues! Cheers! Jenny Jenny Gerbasi Councillor Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry