SOUTHWEST RAPID TRANSIT CORRIDOR PUBLIC OPEN HOUSES The City of Winnipeg is holding two public open houses for the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor to be built from downtown to Jubilee Avenue. Here are the details: Public Open House 4:00pm - 8:00pm, May 25 Masonic Temple 420 Corydon Avenue (at Confusion Corner) Public Open House 4:00pm - 8:00pm, May 27 Winnipeg Convention Centre Hope to see you there!!!! COSMETIC PESTICIDES UPDATE There is growing concern about the risks to human and animal health from the cosmetic pesticides that we put on our lawns. I learned today that Shelmerdines,a local garden company, has voluntarily stopped selling chemical pesticides in Winnipeg. Kudo's to this company (and any others that I may not be aware of) for taking the lead! In 2008, the City of Winnipeg brought in a very mild Non-Essential Pesticide by-law which had a small educational component and some signage requirements for companies applying chemicals. It did very little to address the rampant rates of use by private citizens of cosmetic chemicals for lawns and gardens. This bylaw is up for review in the spring of 2010. In 2008, the Mayor asked me to try to convince the province to bring in legislation as it was agreed that a provincial ban would be most effective in reducing the amount of these chemicals being used. So far there has not been action forthcoming from the province. You may be aware that the province of Ontario has recently banned the use of non-essential pesticides. Quebec has done this for years and as a result has a significantly lower rate of use than the rest of Canada. The key to these bans is getting these potentially harmful chemicals off the shelves which can be done under Provincial Jurisdiction. It is crucial for the message to get through to the Provincial government that Manitoba is lagging behind other provinces on this important environmental issue. If Manitoba is to be one of the greenest province in Canada we cannot afford to continue to ignore this issue. I have and will continue to raise this issue with the province. I urge citizens to contact their elected officials to make sure that they are aware of how important this issue is to Manitobans. PLANNING BACKGROUND STUDIES AVAILABLE ONLINE For those interested in viewing the background planning studies that have been done recently on some of our neighborhoods you can go to the following links: For Corydon Avenue: For Armstrong's Point: