Behnken And Hurley Launched Aboard The Crew Dragon

Operating autonomously, the spacecraft started its eight-hour return voyage earlier within the day with a 90-minute fly-around of the space station because the crew snapped a sequence of survey photographs of the orbiting outpost, circling the globe some 250 miles (four hundred km) high. The Crew Dragon then proceeded via a sequence of maneuvers over the course of the day to carry it closer to Earth and line up the capsule for its remaining nighttime descent. Intense friction generated because the capsule plunges by the atmosphere sends temperatures surrounding the outside of the automobile soaring to 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit (1,927 degrees Celsius). Propelled by one last ignition of its ahead rocket thrusters for a “de-orbit burn,” the capsule re-entered the atmosphere at about 17,000 miles per hour (27,359 kph) for a free-fall towards the ocean under, throughout which crew communications have been lost for several minutes. The re-entry friction additionally slows the capsule’s descent earlier than parachutes are deployed. The astronauts’ flight fits are designed to keep them cool if the cabin warms up, while a heat shield protects the capsule from incinerating on re-entry.
The second reduce out 3m15s into the flight and at 3m45s, the prototype reached its apogee of 10 km (6.2 mi), at which point the bottom crews switched it over to its header tank. After descending for a few minute and a half using only its maneuvering surfaces, two of the Raptor engines reignited at 5m45s and the prototype flipped its end around to hover to the bottom. Perhaps proving that the third time’s the charm, the SN10 prototype then managed to bring it in for a comfortable touchdown! At 4m19s, the last Raptor engine cut out and the prototype commenced its “belly-flop” maneuver. At 14m27s after launch, the prototype exploded immediately on the landing pad, apparently as a result of a methane leak. Unfortunately, issues didn’t finish there. While this signifies that the prototype nonetheless has some bugs that should be worked out earlier than orbital flights can be made, the check was still a complete success.
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